Professional Work Experience

Audiobooks (Available on Amazon, iTunes, and

  • Meal Prep by Jamie Connor (2017) 
  • Mind Over Body Bundle: Memory and NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming by Sherrol Stein (2017)
  • Social Media: Master Strategies for Social Media Marketing by Noah Hope (2017)
  • Vegan Fit by David Sydney (2017)
  • Declutter Your Home by Catherine Gail (2017)
  • Deadly Diamonds: A Stacey Justice Novella by Barbra Annino (2017) 
  • Handling Your Own Emotions by Ellen Seigel (2017)
  • You Can Survive This by M.H. Lee (2017)
  • You Have A Date, Don't F it Up by Cassie Leigh (2017)
  • Stacy Justice Series by Barbra Annino (Currently in Production) 
  • The Bitches of Enchantment: Book 2 of the Everafter Trilogy by Barbra Annino (2016)
  • Dog Park Basics by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Puppy Parenting Basics by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Puppy Parenting in an Apartment by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Unshaken: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times by Jeanne Nigro (2016)
  • Fall  Daze by Meryl McQueen (2016) 
  • Online Dating is Hell by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Online Dating Advice for Women: The Basics by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Online Dating Advice for Men: The Basics by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Don't Be A DoucheBag... by Cassie Leigh (2016)
  • Be Happy No Matter What: 5 Steps... by Ellen Seigel (2015)
  • The Blue Jay by Michelle Schlicher (2015) 
  • I Hate Walt by Vicki Andree (2015) 
  • Treasured by Thursday: Sidekick to the Catherine Bybee Novel by Miriam Sokolow (2015)
  • The Hashimoto Diet: You're Not Alone! by Jamie Sandulf (2015) 
  • Go Set a Watchman: Sidekick to the Harper Lee Novel by Allison Clare Theveny (2015)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird: Sidekick to the Harper Lee Novel by Allison Clare Theveny (2015)
  • Advanced Law of Attraction Secrets II... by Jacob Elliot and Michelle Minzghor (2015) 
  • The Nourished Metabolism... by Elizabeth Walling (2015)
  • Love Your Body... by Elizabeth Walling (2015)
  • Under Color of Law by Sylvie Fox (2015) 
  • Master Zarvin's Action & Adventure Series Books 1-3 by M.R. Mathias (2015) 
  • The Bitches of Everafter: Book One of the Everafter Trilogy by Barbra Annino (2014)
  • Nick & Viola: A Kentucky Family Tragedy by Laura Derr (2014) 
  • Weddings: Affordable and Practical Wedding Guide... by Sam Siv (2014) 
  • Diary of Crazy Cat Lady by L.A. Brown (2014)
  • Advanced Law of Attraction Secrets by Jacob Elliot (2014) 

Exclusive Voiceover and Vocal Work:

  • Mosquito Authority (Dover, DE) 
  • Mid-Atlantic Packaging (Dover, DE)
  • Herbie D and the Dangermen (Hampton Roads, VA)
  • GVI Inc. (Virginia Beach, VA) 


Acting: Spring Arbor University, Regent University- Eric Harrell

Private Voice: Monte Long (2005-2009), Millie Harris (2011), Kathi Lee Wilson (2012)

  • SPRING ARBOR UNIVERSITY B.A. in Worship Arts/Drama 
  • REGENT UNIVERSITY M.A. in Theatre Studies 

Artistic Resume 

VOCAL PART: Mezzo Soprano
VOCAL TYPE: Character, Animation, Upbeat, Warm, Girl Next Door 


Steel Magnolias                    Shelby                         The Gilbert Theater                           Matthew Overturf, dir

Annie                                       Grace                          Theatrix Productions                         Rocco Wilson, dir. 

Joseph…Dreamcoat            Wife                            Regent University Main Stage         Eric Harrell, dir

Let’s Host a Murder             Carol/ Barbara          Mystery Dinner Playhouse               Aaron MacLaughlin, dir.

By His Stripes                         Joannah                     The Rocky Hock Playhouse              Jeff Emmerich, dir.

Born This Day                        Mary                           The Rocky Hock Playhouse              Jeff Emmerich, dir.

Joy Unspeakable                   Mary Magdalene     The Rocky Hock Playhouse              Jeff Emmerich, dir.

Three Sisters                          Masha                        SAU Black Box Theater                      Jennifer Letherer

Steel Magnolias                    Ouiser                        SAU Black Box Theater                      Jennifer Letherer

West Side Story                    Anita                           SAU Main Stage                                  Monte Long, dir.


Wicked Attraction S5E1          Audrey                          M2 Pictures                                   M2 Pictures

Happily Never After E204     Attractive Woman      M2 Pictures                                   M2 Pictures

FBI: Criminal Pursuit S3E1      Michanne                      M2 Pictures                                   M2 Pictures

Hitting the Nuts                       Blondie                          Rebel Pilgrim Productions         Joe Boyd, dir.

Nissan Training Video             M.K.                               O’Brien et. Al. Advertising